European Space Camp is an annual week-long summer camp for young adults, from all over the world, interested in Space and Science.​

European Space Camp 2020 cancelled due to coronavirus


We have been following the situation around the COVID-19 pandemic closely for the past month. After talks with our main collaborators at The Norwegian Centre for Space-related Education (NAROM) and Andøya Space Center (ASC), we have now decided to cancel this year’s camp. The main reason is that there is no telling if international travel can be arranged or if social distancing policies will still apply in August. We are an international camp with participants from all over the world, so we can not continue planning ESC 2020 with this in mind. We were hoping for the situation to have improved by this point, but with the current uncertainty, we find it necessary to cancel camp now. 

We are sorry for the timing of this message, as the deadline for applications for ESC 2020 passed recently. We know how hard everyone has worked on their applications and understand that this is frustrating. At the same time, we hope that you can recognize and understand the reasons for canceling this year’s camp. 

The current travel restrictions around the world and the situation surrounding the global Covid-19 crisis do not allow for an international event for participants from all over the world to gather in one place. For more information on the situation, please contact your local health authority or visit

Unfortunately not. However, we would like to encourage all applicants eligible (born between January 1st 2001 and December 31st 2004, and fulfilling other requirements) to reapply next year!

We received an immense amount of applications this year, so we are unfortunately not able to give any individual feedback. Emails asking for this will not be answered.

We are going to keep the format of the application process the exact same for ESC 2021. This means that the open questions in the application and the required documents for applying stay the same. So if you choose to reapply next year (please do!), this is what you don’t need to update if you do not want to:

  • Recommendation letters (however, if applicable you will need to ask your teachers to resend these, since we can not store them for you for next year)
  • Answers to open questions
  • Your solution to the task of uploading a picture of a rocket
  • Documentation proving English proficiency

This is what you must update for next year:

  • CV
  • Latest grades

Please note that we can not store any of your application due to GDPR, so you will need to resubmit all documents and answers. Make sure to save any work you may want to resend next year!

We will not be making exceptions to our age limits for ESC 2021. For applicants who will be above our age limit next year, we would like to recommend some resources for cool space and STEM related courses:

ESA Academy (for people from European Space Agency member states, Canada and Slovenia)

On ESA Academy’s website you can join their mailing list to be notified of calls for students for new very interesting space-related courses. Many of these opportunities are aimed at older students, but for example the Fly A Rocket! course is aimed at BSc level students, and is very similar in educational content to ESC, so it is a great opportunity for someone looking to get a first introduction to rocketry!


MILSET is an organisation gathering together science-related camps and events from all over the world, so browsing their website will help you to find courses and camps! They also list camps for high school aged young people. 

European Space Camp is an independent nonprofit organisation organising a week-long summer camp for youth all over the world aged 17-20, where participants get to learn about space and rocket physics as well as participate in a hands on rocket campaign. The organisation is made up of previous participants, working entirely on a volunteer basis as part of Team Space Camp.

This is probably the greatest experience I’ve had in my life so far, and I can’t get over how healthy and joyful this was for me. ESC is a place were I can be my self fully without having to hide my true passions and expressions. I don’t think I’ve had so many feelings running through my brain at once; excitement, sadness, euphoria, compassion, love...

- Participant, 2018