European Space Camp is an annual week-long summer camp for young adults, from all over the world, interested in Space and Science.

Note: We are currently experiencing technical issues with the website. The application deadline for this years camp was February 17th. 

We will let applicants know around March 8th if they have made it to the second round. 

You will be able to find that information on the profile page. 

European Space Camp is an independent nonprofit organisation organising a week-long summer camp for youth all over the world aged 17-20, where participants get to learn about space and rocket physics as well as participate in a hands on rocket campaign. 

The organisation is made up of previous participants, working entirely on a volunteer basis as part of Team Space Camp.

This is probably the greatest experience I’ve had in my life so far, and I can’t get over how healthy and joyful this was for me. ESC is a place were I can be my self fully without having to hide my true passions and expressions. I don’t think I’ve had so many feelings running through my brain at once; excitement, sadness, euphoria, compassion, love...