Anders Mørk

Public Relations Manager
2018 – present
Anders is currently our PR manager. Throughout his padawan year, he mastered the Jedi arts of media outreach and created graphics like Da Vinci himself for ESC. Our young PR padawan is no stranger to living of the land and will protect the ESC clan at all

Anne Nijdam Svindland

Sponsorship Manager
2018 – present
Anne joined the Team after being a successful Head of Operations at the 2018 camp. Through strict teaching by the Evil Sith Master, Nina, Anne will learned to make people want to support us. The biggest paradox of Anne is the fact that she loves launching

Inge Eide Johnsen

2017 – present
Less than a year after joining the Team, Inge has single-handedly rebuilt our entire website. A small step for Inge, but a giant leap for “”. Additionally, he never seizes to impress us with his tech-savviness, whether it’s helping us with

Gaute Holem

Head of ESC
2017 – present
Gaute joined the team after being a participant in 2017 and is now Head of Team Space Camp. This role brings lots of responsibility for it, like being the main spokesperson for ESC and making sure that everything runs smoothly before, under and after camp

Tiia Tikkala

2016 – present
Tiia is passionate about proving that you can do STEM and have beautiful hair at the same time. She is a bundle of brains, creativity, and artsiness. Having joined Team Space Camp after being a participant in 2016, she works as Treasurer and ensures that